Sunday, April 1, 2012

Made by hand

The goal of this blog is to spotlight things that are either homegrown or homemade, and I've been focusing largely on the former since springtime is here and gardening season is coming up.  For this post, though, I'd like to devote a little time & energy to the homemade objects that most of us have in our lives.  My hope is that this post might generate a little bit of a conversation of sorts: I can drone on all day long about the various kinds of handmade stuff that I'm attached to to, but I'd really rather hear about some of yours!

I'll go first.  One of my favorite items is a small pottery cow that a friend of my wife's made for her when they were back in high school.  It isn't even glazed, but there has always been something really charming about its roughness, if you know what I mean.  I don't know the story behind it, but it has been in my life for all of the 15 years that Michele and I have been together, and over time I've gotten kind of fond of it. It is just a knick-knack that doesn't even have a real function, per se, but knowing that it was made by one of Michele's oldest friends is special in and of itself.  I can't say it takes me back to a different time, because her and I hadn't even met at that point, but somehow this nifty little cow means something to me.

So, what handmade object in your life is special to you, and why?  Anything is fair game, I just want to take a minute to listen to whatever folks might want to share.  I don't have any real agenda, other than wanting to recognize that handmade stuff matters- so, if you're inclined, let's take a minute to celebrate it.  Photos are not required.


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  2. Ack! I wrote a long story here about a photograph, and then as I was trying to attached said photograph, I lost the whole thing. Technology: 1. Molly: 0.