Sunday, February 26, 2012

My First Post!

Wow! I have been thinking about starting a blog for a few years now (who hasn’t?) but I held off because I figured the world didn’t need another “here’s what I had for dinner” kind of thing. And to be honest, even though I’m as much of a narcissist as the next guy, I guess I had mixed feelings about broadcasting so openly. I guess Facebook kicked the heck out of those inhibitions!

Fast forward to 2012: either something has changed online, or my perception has (maybe both?) and I have developed a new understanding of blogs as much more than just another forum for self-indulgence: the good ones seem to provide a really dynamic way of connecting with other people in a meaningful fashion. And that interests me very much. The name- which I agonized over, as I imagine most people do, evolved as a “close enough” representation of some of my dearest values: if life is a garden, we’re all planting seeds, all the time. And as a professional woodworker, sawdust is a by-product of my work that I then compost to nourish the plants that I grow. Call me an old hippie- you wouldn’t be wrong- but I think the name is going to stick, nonetheless.

Anyway, here’s what I am going to do: I plan to present myself, and some things that I find wonderful about this world, in an honest attempt to connect with a few people who may feel that it resonates with them. Wouldn’t that be grand, all by itself?


Chris Gleason


  1. Congratulations Chris! I wish you success. I have never followed a blog before but I am intrigued by yours! I love my garden every year so I will be looking forward to some new ideas!

  2. Heather- so great to hear from you! I promise to try to write an especially good blog since it is your first venture into what I often hear called "the blogosphere" (I love that word. What an age we live in.)

    Anyway, I would love to hear more about your garden: what kinds of stuff do you grow? I am by no means an expert gardener but I am learning all the time, so the more new ideas I come across, the better!


    1. Like to try anything and everything. I grow edamame, 3 types of cucumbers. several types of tomatoes for sauces and canning, peppers hot and sweet. I have dabbled in water melons but here in Idaho the season is not quite long enough so is I do not get them in early enough they do not get that sweetness I am looking for. We grow squashed and carrots and onions and other staples. I just have fun with it. I love being in my garden and working in my yard it is therapeutic and relaxing.

      Love hearing from you!

  3. I will be following you. I'm going to fave your blog in Blotanical. What a hoot.