Saturday, March 24, 2012

treasure in our own backyards- is there a Restore near you?

Some of you have already heard me rave about this, but for those who haven't, hold the phone: do you know about Habitat for Humanity's Restores?

Most folks have heard of Habitat for Humanity- the nonprofit that helps people build their own homes, revitalize neighborhoods, and teach general DIY skills to thousands of volunteers every year.  It is a very established group- and for the record, I am in no way affiliated with them: I just can't resist giving them a plug because I see how much good they do in the world and I can't keep my mouth shut about it.  Anyway... Habitat also runs over 6,000 Restores, and that is what I want to focus on in this post.

Restores are nonprofit stores that accept donations of used or surplus building materials (donators receive the necessary paperwork to file for a tax credit with the IRS), and they then sell these building materials for what often amounts to pennies on the dollar.  Their goal?  To make money that is all plowed back into their mission of sustainable, affordable housing and empowered homeowners who help to improve neighborhoods one house at a time.

We had a Restore when my wife & I lived in Madison, Wisconsin, and I was bummed when we relocated and Salt Lake didn't have one.  Well, fast forward a few years, and now we do!  I now have a place to donate my extra building materials- the amount of stuff they keep out of landfills every year is just staggering!- and it is also my first stop when I'm looking for materials for new projects around the house or shop.

So, my question is, where's your nearest Restore?  And, have ya been lately?  Let me know if you find any deals next time you go!

Here's a few pics from one of my recent (ok, I go every week!) trips:

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  1. Hey Chris, thanks for the suggestion to visit the restore. I'm passing along the word to all of our community gardens here in Salt Lake City. What a great resource (both you and the restore!)