Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Handmade kitchen knives

Most of us wear a few different hats in life- welcome to life in 2012, although if we're honest, it was probably always kind of this way- and one my favorite roles is that of an artist who makes objects that hopefully combine beauty and function in a pleasing way.  One of my newest ventures is the Artisan Knife Company, which makes, by hand, quality chef's knives one at a time in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I spent two years researching steel, refining techniques, and building prototypes, and now it is game on.

Why did I put the time into this?  Mostly because I am such a huge fan of handcrafted, small-scale businesses that allow skilled artisans to work with passion.  Oh wait, no wonder I am posting about it on this blog!  Seriously though, it just seemed like the right time for an undertaking such as this- the broader culture seems focused like never before on things like local food, heirloom veggies, and farmer's markets, and hopefully this means that folks will want to experience the joy of using a handmade knife that truly fits your hand and holds and edge better than factory-made knives.  We'll see!

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