Monday, June 13, 2016

PureShield Protect: An Amazing Finish for Wood

I recently tried out Pureshield Protect, a new acrylic clear-coat product from PureColor.  To cut to the chase: I was blown away.  I've used acrylic (often known as water-based) finishes for years, and I've tried all of the manufacturers that I could get my hands on.  But none have performed this well.  Here's what I liked about it:

1) The product itself is much thicker than any other products in its class- this allowed me to apply 2 coats and achieve a level of finish that felt more substantial than 4 coats of other products.

2) The finish self-leveled really smoothly.  I couldn't get brush marks to show up, even when I tried.

3) The build quality of the finish feels great- this is hard to describe, but it feels thick and waxy, without looking like a layer of plastic on top of the wood.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, the product comes in a box-
 well, in a bag inside of a box- and you just pour it into a container and brush it on.
As with any finish, I suggest making a sample to see how the finish will look on
your project.  I hadn't expected the color to pop so much in this old, reclaimed
wood, but I loved it.  I scuff-sanded the piece with 220grit paper between coats.
Here's the before photo: the reclaimed wood in this
bench was kind of cool, but it looked dirty and
dingy and the colors were pretty lifeless.
After 2 coats of PureShield Protect, the bench was totally transformed.  I now want to use this stuff ALL THE TIME!  It is
an amazing finish that I highly recommend.  Full disclosure: PureColor sent me a kit to try out, but my review is unbiased.
 I couldn't recommend something that I don't love.

Here's a couple of links to learn more:

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