Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I got an award!

Mind if I share some good news?  For the past year, I've been using, which is a great service that has brought in quite a bit of work and introduced me to some amazing clients.  I was surprised to see that I won an award for having the best reviews in our area. Cool!  I'll take praise anywhere I can get it.

Never heard of

Professionals can register for free to be matched with possible projects in their field of expertise, and potential clients can search for qualified pros who can make their projects a reality.  I actually started out by using the service this way- it introduced me to my concrete guy, my electrician, and my HVAC guy.  The concrete was for a one-time project, and it worked out great, but I've called the electrician and HVAC folks for numerous other projects, and recommended them to friends.  If you're trying to find a professional in any number of fields, have a look at Thumbtack.

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